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[software]dsSafeSend - http://www.dslimited.biz/index.html
This program encrypts files using Blowfish. The recipient can decrypt your files even if he or she doesn't have a copy of dsSafeSend. You can organize the layout of your encrypted files and save the layout for future use. Files can be moved, renamed and added to folders of your choice. It supports drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer and from its own internal file explorer.
Keywords: dsSafeSend; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; dsSafeSend
Downloads: 22
[software]DFIncBackup - http://www.dfincbackup.net/freeware.htm
This is a personal backup program for incremental backup files to ZIP archives. Each archive can contain several root folders from different disk volumes and any subfolder can be tuned separately. You can detect file changes by date and content. You can also enable or disable backing up hidden and open files. Each root folder and tuned subfolder has file masks that control included and excluded file types...
Keywords: DFIncBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; DFIncBackup
Downloads: 25
[software]OrphansRemover - http://www.digiarch.org
This program searches for and deletes shortcuts with invalid targets in given folders and sub-folders, including your Start menu and Recent documents. For automation purposes, there are several command-line switches you can use.
Keywords: OrphansRemover; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; OrphansRemover
Downloads: 44
[software]SHBackup - http://www.sharmaq.com.br/backup/Index.htm
This program makes automatic backup copies of your important files and folders. Compress data in ZIP format, password protect the files, perform automatic shutdown, back up multiple files, and schedule all activity.
Keywords: SHBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; SHBackup
Downloads: 51
[software]APBackup - http://apsoft.ru
This is an automatic backup utility, which allows you to backup your information according to a schedule. APBackUp can archive in any format or copy data to specified folders on your local or remote computer. You can define how many of the recently created archive files will be kept on disk. For any archive task you can specify external applications to run before or after executing the task. It includes a built-in ZIP archiver and you can use external archiving plugins.
Keywords: APBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; APBackup
Downloads: 43
[software]Cryptime - http://www.oleansoft.com
This program is intended for information encryption. You can set the password and "Timer-Lock" to encrypt any file. You can assign decryption permissions to specific computers, and delete the original files irrevocably after encryption or decryption. ZIP compression is supported.
Keywords: Cryptime; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Cryptime
Downloads: 96
[software]TopSync - http://www.radutils.com
This is a synchronization utility that can save you time and money. It can be used to back up files, directories, or entire drives from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across the network.
Keywords: TopSync; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; TopSync
Downloads: 32
[software]BakBot - http://www.cohortec.com
This automatic file backup solution supports 7-Zip and Zip Deflate64 formats, and it works with any other external archiving program. You can automatically send e-mail notifications about the success of a backup job, and backups can be mirrored to any number of destinations. Backup status can be monitored with a browser, and archives can be sent automatically as e-mail attachments or transferred to an FTP server.
Keywords: BakBot; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; BakBot
Downloads: 37
[software]TaskTracker - http://tasktracker.wordwisesolutions.com/
This utility provides access to recently used files, which are organized by file type. It tracks files as they are created, used or deleted. You can open, copy, rename and move files regardless of their locations, and sort file types according to name, frequency or latest use. Use drag-and-drop to add untracked files to the program and copy files from TaskTracker to targets, such as e-mail.
Keywords: TaskTracker; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; TaskTracker
Downloads: 52
[software]ViaCleaner - http://www.viaclean.com
This Internet privacy software allows users to clean the PC registry and delete the search history.
Keywords: ViaCleaner; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; ViaCleaner
Downloads: 70
[software]RestoreBack - http://www.aniyog.com/
This is a GUI based disk-to-disk backup utility written entirely in Java. The folders and files that you want to backup are stored in a script that you can use again to backup the same folders and files. You can also update the archive to reflect the changed made on your original file system. RestoreBack also lets you restore the files and folders to the original location or any other location you specify...
Keywords: RestoreBack; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; RestoreBack
Downloads: 34
[software]RTMirror - http://www.fsoft.it/rtmirror/en/default.htm
This is a folder mirroring application that lets you specify one or more folders on your local hard disk. As soon as you modify files in those folders, RTMirror will copy them to a different folder, either on another hard disk or on another networked computer. RTMirror works in real time - as soon as a file is created or modified, it is automatically copied within a minute. In case of a failure of your primary hard disk, you will be able to restore all your important files from the backup copies...
Keywords: RTMirror; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; RTMirror
Downloads: 21
[software]AlmerBackup - http://www.almersoft.com/products/backup
This program allows you to back up your data to a variety of storage media including local drive, network drive, external drive, floppy, CD and FTP server. The program does not overwrite previous copies of documents and adds dates to file names.
Keywords: AlmerBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; AlmerBackup
Downloads: 29
[software]PicRenameIt - http://www.NewportSoftware.com
This allows you to rename and renumber your files. This program works with all file types. You can preview selected picture files in your browser. The program integrates with Explorer. Simply select the files you would like to rename, press the right mouse button, and select "Rename with PicRenameIt."
Keywords: PicRenameIt; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; PicRenameIt
Downloads: 44
[software]BackTrak - http://www.cellarstoneindia.com/backtrak/backtrak.htm
This tool automatically backs up your critical data to media like ZIP, USB, JAZ, CD-RW and mapped network connections. You can create a profile by including as many folders and files as required. The program also monitors and identifies modified files, executing backup processes when the system is idle. The files are compressed by default. Data is also password-protected and encrypted. The scheduler defines the backup plan on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis...
Keywords: BackTrak; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; BackTrak
Downloads: 45
[software]LinkBuilder - http://www.ekcsoft.com/linkbuilder.html
This utility converts text files to HTML format. If a text file contains numbered sections a table of contents will be created with hyperlinks to document sections. Any Web links will be automatically converted to hyperlinks. Users can select font, background color, text margins and alignment.
Keywords: LinkBuilder; System and utilities; File tools; File convertors; Link Builder
Downloads: 98
[software]KetuFile - http://www.ketufile.com?source=tucows
This application allows strong encryption of any type of PC file, including text, word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, binaries and executables. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard and allows up to 256 or 512 bit keys respectively for the 2 available models. It does not have backdoors or key recovery options. An encrypted file is received as an e-mail attachment. It also has an encryption engine that can be launched from a command line, a script or a ShellExecute from within another appli...
Keywords: KetuFile; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; KetuFile
Downloads: 82
[software]PixxxSafe - http://www.pixxxsafe.com/
Allows you to collect, encrypt, hide, organize, show and archive pictures. Import picture series and group them in password protected PXS files. Encrypt your pictures with 256 bit AES encryption. Create animated slide shows. Export, distribute or archive your encrypted image series.
Keywords: PixxxSafe; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; PixxxSafe
Downloads: 40
[software]Enumerator - http://enum.sereneconcepts.nl
This is a batch processor that is capable of performing a similar operation on a large set of files. The possible operations that can be performed on a file can be expanded by the use of modules. Currently Enumerator contains two modules: one to rename a number of files using a set of rules, and the other allows the list of files to be exported to a list file.
Keywords: Enumerator; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; Enumerator
Downloads: 49
[software]VersionBackup - http://www.versionbackup.sb-aw.com
This is a backup archive manager. Every day, a separate version of your data files will be stored. The management function will keep the backup archive clearly arranged at any time. To restore files or whole directories, you use a special browser, where you simply click on the desired day. The data will be kept as long as you desire.
Keywords: VersionBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; VersionBackup
Downloads: 31
[software]QuickMirror - http://www.quickmirror.com/
This file management utility transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. Variations of mirroring are allowed through basic and advanced options. All mirroring actions can be saved in a log for review. A preview command allows you to test mirroring options on the source and destination folders, and when used with logging, provides a way to see the results of mirroring beforehand.
Keywords: QuickMirror; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; quickmirror
Downloads: 22
[software]AWbackup - http://www.awicons.com/awbackup.html
This automatic backup software only requires you to create a backup job and specify when to execute it. The program can be configured to run backup jobs on startup or at given time. AWbackup supports a built-in ZIP compression, and external ZIP and RAR compressors.
Keywords: AWbackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; AWbackup
Downloads: 41
[software]DirSync - http://www.dirsync.net
This is a file and folder manager. It provides notification of changes and scheduled actions. You can move files and suspend, resume, skip, abort and retry actions. You may record all actions and setup sequences of actions. You may customize the synchronizations of multiple folders.
Keywords: DirSync; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; DirSync
Downloads: 39
[software]Iside - http://www.littlelite.net/iside/
This program compares files and folders by computing their hash codes. The program includes a hash generating tool and a complete folder comparison tool. The hash functions let you determine if two files are different, even if their sizes are the same.
Keywords: Iside; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Iside
Downloads: 28
[software]jBackup - http://www.kova-solutions.com/jbackup.en/
This backup tool stores your data in a ZIP or TAR archive. Supported data sources are local files, Web pages and FTP files.
Keywords: jBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; jBackup
Downloads: 77
[software]LockSecret - http://www.kwerkx.com/rd/products/LockSecret.html
This is a batch based file encryption and decryption utility. Locksecret can also create archives from one or more files as a way to store or transmit encrypted files. Encrypted files and archives are cross platform compatible. It uses the Blowfish encryption system. Encipher and decipher keys can be password generated, random generated or file based.
Keywords: LockSecret; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; LockSecret
Downloads: 83
[software]MediaUndelete - http://www.filerecoverytools.com/mediaundelete/
Recover lost data from Smart Media, CompactFlash, memory sticks, SD cards, CDs, minidisks or almost any other type of media used by digital cameras. If you have unintentionally deleted or formatted pictures, videos or sound files on your data medium or have pulled it out during a write operation, this program can help you reconstruct the lost data.
Keywords: MediaUndelete; System and utilities; File tools; File recovery; MediaUndelete
Downloads: 87
[software]DocRetriever - http://www.vicidocs.com
This application allows users to search for CD and DVD documents without installing additional software. Searches are based on the full-text of documents and associated keywords. Phrase and boolean searches are supported. Supported files types include Word, PDF, HTML and image files. For each CD title, the program creates an indexed HTML equivalent, which is then packaged with the original documents and the search application.
Keywords: DocRetriever; System and utilities; File tools; File searching; SEARCH; DocRetriever
Downloads: 30
[software]TurboEncoder - http://www.turboirc.com/TurboEncoder
This file encryptor features a graphical user interface, with included help and in-program messages to help you solve problems. Note: Must be run under administrator account.
Keywords: TurboEncoder; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; TurboEncoder
Downloads: 32
[software]DCPP - http://www.securstar.com/products_dcpp_land.php?partner=fabio1
This disk encryption tool can partially or fully encrypt your hard disk, including the operating system, allowing pre-boot authentication. The user enters a password at startup, before the operating system boots up.
Keywords: DCPP; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; DCPP
Downloads: 48
[software]ZipBackup - http://www.zipbackup.com
This backup wizard allows you to backup your data in five steps. It has the ability to use advanced filtering and scheduling to backup what you need when you need it. ZipBackup stores backup files in ZIP format.
Keywords: ZipBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; ZipBackup
Downloads: 41
[software]MediaRevival - http://www.onlimemedia.com
This program recovers data lost from digital camera media including Smart Media, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, SD Cards, CDs and MiniDiscs.
Keywords: MediaRevival; System and utilities; File tools; File recovery; MediaRevival
Downloads: 53
[software]QuickCrypt - http://www.softdesignz.com/software.asp?QuickCrypt
This program lets you incorporate, via shortcut keys, strong text and file encryption into all your Windows applications. This gives you privacy in e-mailing or text messaging.
Keywords: QuickCrypt; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; QuickCrypt
Downloads: 33
[software]Ruby - http://www.warpengine.com
Use this to scan your CD-Rs, cataloging and saving the file and disk properties in a searchable database. You can search for a particular file rather than manually browsing through all of your CD-Rs. This also works with floppies, ZIP disks and any other removable media. Results are can be returned in either a plain text or CSV file. This version also includes support for saving the contents of compressed files...
Keywords: Ruby; System and utilities; File tools; Drive cataloging; Ruby
Downloads: 41
[software]WinPSF - http://vetch.magot.pl/
This program backs up and archives data with established profiles. It automatically compresses and stores selected data, and it supports hotkeys and scheduling. The program also includes an archive files manager that allows you to manipulate compressed data. You can manually create new archives, update and verify their contents, add and delete files, extract to any folder, or send with e-mail. You can view generated reports after each operation, or check archive information on a graph.
Keywords: WinPSF; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; WinPSF
Downloads: 46
[software]Filelocker - http://www.lockyourfiles.com
This program allows you to hide and encrypt sensitive files using 128-bit encryption. Locked files can be opened using your system default application for the file type you are opening. Search and import features are also provided.
Keywords: Filelocker; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Filelocker
Downloads: 68
[software]SmartBackup - http://www.onlimemedia.com
This program copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across a network. You can set up projects that describe the source location, the destination location, and the frequency at which you want to copy the files. It monitors the source files for changes or additions and then automatically copies the new or changed files to their designated destinations...
Keywords: SmartBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; SmartBackup
Downloads: 53
[software]OneOnOne - http://www.image-ination.com/oneonone/
Compare one folder or volume with another. Select the folders you want to compare and click the "examine" button. If the folders are identical, you will be notified. If they are not not identical, another window will open with a report of all differences, and you will be given an opportunity to adjust the differences.
Keywords: OneOnOne; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; OneOnOne
Downloads: 72
[software]Masker - http://www.softpuls.com/masker/
This program encrypts your files and folders, and hides them in carrier files. It uses 448-bit encryption and provides password protection. Carrier files will function normally and the files inside will be transferred with the carrier file over the Internet.
Keywords: Masker; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; masker
Downloads: 90
[software]PrivacyDefence - http://www.privacydefence.com/
This program removes you Internet tracks without breaking any program's functionality. It is fully customizable and supports 18 programs. The secure session mode will help you keep the logs you want, while removing ones you don't.
Keywords: PrivacyDefence; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; PrivacyDefence
Downloads: 37
[software]WordConvs - http://www.telsys.it/WordConvs.html
This document conversion and formatting program allows batch conversion of documents using the converters included in Microsoft Word or an external program. You can standardize all your documents in a single step, and the input and output formats are configurable.
Keywords: WordConvs; System and utilities; File tools; File convertors; WordConvs
Downloads: 64
[software]MobileDriveSync - http://mobiledrivesync.com
This software enables you to keep files updated and synchronized between the computer and a USB removable drive. You can work on the USB drive anywhere and when you connect the drive the files will be synchronized keeping the copy on the local PC updated. MobileDriveSync is compatible with all types of removable drives including USB, ZIP and JAZ. It is also integrated with Windows. You can also setup ways to resolve conflicts like keeping the local PC copy always on the USB drive.
Keywords: MobileDriveSync; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; MobileDriveSync
Downloads: 26
[software]PrivacyWatcher - http://managebytes.com/pw.html
This privacy software can clean up all your Internet tracks including browser history, cache, and cookies, as well as recently used documents and Microsoft Office tracks. It offers encryption of files using 448-bit Blowfish algorithm, secure file deletion to prevent their recovering with UnErase tools, a startup manager to prevent unwanted programs from loading on Windows startup, and a desktop lock-out utility for preventing the unauthorized access to your computer.
Keywords: PrivacyWatcher; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; PrivacyWatcher
Downloads: 38
[software]imageIT - http://www.synergix.com/products/imageIT/faqs/
This is a disk imaging utility that may be used to backup and restore images for the purpose of OS provisioning, in combination with Microsoft's System Preparation method.
Keywords: imageIT; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; imageIT
Downloads: 208
[software]Easy Rename - http://www.axistek.com
With this utility you can rename groups of your files. You can change file names to lower, upper or large case, insert text and numbering, replace substrings, and replace characters.
Keywords: Easy Rename; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming
Downloads: 139
[software]SmartDirCopy - http://hangvogel.hypermart.net/smartdircopy/
This program allows you to back up only a selection of your important documents. It copies only pre-selected items that have changed since the last backup. The directory structure and file formats remain intact, and files can be backed up to your hard drive, a CD, a DVD, a ZIP drive or a JAZZ drive. Backups can also be automated with the built-in scheduler.
Keywords: SmartDirCopy; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; SmartDirCopy
Downloads: 31
[software]RenamePro - http://www.studio-baricevic.com/SmajlaSoft/index_en.html
With this program, you can batch rename files. All file types are supported, including MP3s, graphics and videos. It can add text and numbers, and replace and remove characters. You can preview changes before they are made, and you can reset names if the changes are unacceptable.
Keywords: RenamePro; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; RenamePro
Downloads: 91
[software]PaperlessPrinter - http://www.PaperlessPrinter.com
This program allows you to convert printable documents to PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, JPEG and BMP formats. You can convert documents to any of these formats and preserve the look and content of the original document, complete with fonts and graphics. You can distribute your documents by e-mail or store them on the Web, on an intranet, a file system or a on a CD. Other users can view your work on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX platforms...
Keywords: PaperlessPrinter; System and utilities; File tools; File convertors; PaperlessPrinter
Downloads: 317
[software]ExamXML - http://www.a7soft.com/
This program compares XML files. It provides several options for comprehensive comparison. Reloading files after changing any options is not necessary. The ExamXML can compare data from sources of many types, such as SQL servers and CSV files. After comparisons there are possibilities to synchronize elements, insert one element into opposite a tree and replace elements.During loading from an SQL server, the program converts data into XML...
Keywords: ExamXML; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; ExamXML
Downloads: 76
[software]LANBak - http://www.flux2fusion.com/LANBak.aspx
This is an automated disk-based backup and file versioning solution for Windows-based servers and workstations on your LAN. Let your users restore lost files themselves from their own workstation without administrator intervention and reduce or even eliminate time-consuming requests from users to restore lost files from tape.
Keywords: LANBak; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; LANBak
Downloads: 25
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